Monday, July 14, 2008

Power of The Hands

Power of The Hands with Illustrations
By: Shaykh Hisham Al-Kabbani

First step To Wash: [intention] niyyat
Turn the right over the left and the left over the right , You cannot begin with left over right.
So when you are washing the hands, it means the first movement you are doing is using the hands

Washing hands… up to wrist
Then you clean between the fingers and intersect the fingers with the fingers, coming like this, the right thumb on the left and the left thumb on the right.
a) First you are using 10 fingers. 10.
b) 10 is the power of computer, energy, zero and 1.
c) It is 10, one and zero.

That energy that Allah taught programmers is coming from hands. So they are channeling it in computers now, and you are seeing all the miraculous power that the computer can do.

d) So if the computer can do that, it represents 1 and 0, have that great power, they channeled into the computer to do magnificent work.
e) They channel that energy to heal. They use it without knowing why. They don’t know the Islamic aspect. The Islamic aspect is that the one and zero, and that I why you see if you open your hands and draw a line [connecting the fingertips] you form a circle.
f) So when you begin with the hands, rubbing them, when washing them and rubbing them to activate them, that is sign of 1 and zero, and you being to activate the process of what codes Allah has given us thru the hands, you being to activate them.

You wash the hands and in between the hands [fingers]
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