Tuesday, July 22, 2008

An Evaluation of Factors Affecting Computer-Based Learning

Computer based learning (CBL) is increasingly used to enhance the learning experience. Cultural differences and attitudes in learning and teaching are an important consideration for tutors engaged in the choice and provision of CBL materials.

We have compared the attitudes of Pharmacy/Dentistry students in a combined class (n =106) at the University of Queensland (UQ) with BSc Biological /Biomedical students at the Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU) (n =33) after using a Haemostasis CBL package. Results show that MMU students enjoyed the learning process more than UQ students. Both groups agree that moving graphics made CBL interesting and understandable. Students’ autonomy of study pattern is seen to be important by both groups. Students’ perception of the tutor’s role during CBL sessions shows that both groups consider this to be a necessary support. Major differences in student opinion at UQ and MMU can be seen regarding the relevance and content of the material to their curriculum. This is a necessary factor in facilitating learning. CBL is a valuable learning and teaching resource providing consideration is given to
the nature of the student group. Availability and accessibility of computers is
essential; students are unhappy with CBL if support is lacking.

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