Saturday, June 15, 2019

Journal of Physics: Conference Series : Dual Security Method for Digital Image using HBV Encryption and Least Significant Bit Steganography


This study proposes a combination of two security techniques, namely steganography and cryptography. The proposed steganography technique is LSB because it has advantages in data embedding capacity and message imperceptibility. The LSB technique is very simple and predictable, so to improve message security HBV encryption techniques are applied. HBV encryption is applied to the message before pinning it. HBV encryption is a combination of the Beaufort algorithm and Vigenere cipher so that the message security will be stronger. By combining HBV and LSB encryption, the message can be hidden properly, and its awake. Based on the experimental results, the encryption and embedding process can run well and produce good quality encryption and stego images. Similarly, the extraction and decryption process can run perfectly.

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