Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Electronic Learning Management System (eLMS)

Learning management, including delivery system and information learning management, is a critic issue in defending the national education competition in placeless and timeless education era, which is a educational system that unlimited by space and time.

The main weakness of learning management system based on information technology is the lack of considerable aspects in analysis, design, development, or the evaluation system appropriate to paradigma of learning technology. Most of websites who claimed themselves as e-learning is only contain of references which are article, digital library, and many other form of reading which is not organize based on learning theory and instructional system design who is sufficed.

Websites like this are not giving posibility to lecturer to manage the learning source, giving the feed-back to the student in forms of evaluation, giving guidance, doing the control function, or giving the consultative service.

This research purpose is to engineer a electronic learning management system based on web in Post Graduate Program major in Information Technology in Dian Nuswantoro University. Through the engineering of an electronic learning management system based on web, hoped that will give the feed-back to the lecturer to manage the source of the study, to give the feed-back to the student in form of adaptive evaluation, doing the control function, or giving consultative service. Model of the development system use the method of approach object oriented with steps, requirements, analysis, design, implementation, and testing.

The engineer product that has produced, will be tested to the lecturer and analyze in purpose to get the result of succeed or not this system application to solve the problems and the discrepancy that exist.

Thesis report which is organize explains from the problem analysis, theory base, method and engineering technique, implementation, testing and conclusion that gain from the result of implementation system who is engineered. Things that have done and have not be done in development of this software is analyze in the end of this thesis.

Key words : E-learning, Learning Management System (LMS), System Engineering, Object Oriented, SCORM


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